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Scaffolding plays a crucial role in construction and maintenance projects across the country. Burnham Scaffolding specialises in the supply and erection of suitable systems for clients in Weston-super-Mare and the wider Somerset areas. Our scaffolding services are widely recognised as reliable and proactive and include domestic and commercial scaffolding, temporary roofs, and specialised scaffolding hire work.

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// Popular Scaffolding Systems

The most common frameworks used in modern construction and renovation include the following:

  • Single Scaffolding

  • Double Scaffolding

  • Cantilever Scaffolding

  • Suspended Scaffolding

  • Trestle Scaffolding

  • Access Scaffolding

  • Temporary Roofs

  • Cassette Roofs

  • Chimney Scaffolding


// Single Scaffolding

This consists of a row of vertical poles (standards) supported by horizontal timber planks (ledgers). Attached securely to a wall, these systems are often erected by scaffolding contractors to facilitate brickwork and masonry repairs.

// Double Scaffolding

Similar to single scaffolding, this specialised scaffolding adds more support, with two rows of standards and ledgers instead of one. It’s suited for large-scale construction and renovation projects, particularly stone masonry, where stability is crucial.

// Cantilever Scaffolding

Cantilever scaffolding extends horizontally rather than vertically and is used in bridge construction and repairs. The system is erected on a smaller base and then extended out to facilitate easier access. It’s also ideal for public areas where access is limited.

// Suspended Scaffolding

This construction scaffolding is installed from the top of a building rather than the ground. Stabilised using strong cables, clients will recognise this form of commercial scaffolding from industrial window cleaning and high-rise building maintenance.

// Trestle Scaffolding

Often used by painters and decorators, this is one of our most popular scaffold hire systems for domestic and small-scale projects in Weston-super-Mare. Portable and lightweight, it’s moveable and fully adjustable for ease of application.

// Access Scaffolding

Our scaffolders are experts at creating unique solutions to access issues. This specialised scaffolding framework is designed to provide a safe and reliable route from the ground to specific areas of a property, particularly those in hard-to-reach places.

// Temporary Roofs

Suitable for domestic roof work, new roof installations, and emergency repairs, our temporary roofs are designed to ensure the safety of building and repair teams and the protection of your home or premises’ inhabitants and property.

// Cassette Roofs

Installed for large-scale construction projects, roof cassettes can be opened during projects to facilitate the delivery and installation of building materials. They also protect personnel and property from the elements.

// Chimney Scaffolding

Our scaffolders design and install these frameworks as part of our scaffolding hire services to clients looking to repair or replace existing chimneys. They comprise stable platforms with guard rails and easy access routes for complete safety.

Burnham Scaffolding’s specialised scaffolding systems also include solar panel scaffolding and mobile access platforms.

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